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Guerrilla Recruitment? A bridge too far…?

Everybody knows guerilla marketing tactics and field marketing actions, often labelled as “hit and run” marketing actions. They are characterized by their shortness in duration, their flexibility to move from one spot to another in a quick and agile manner.

Guerilla marketing creates the opportunity to proactively go towards your target audience and incite them directly into trial or into change of their purchase. Although this isn’t a structural and long term approach, you still create awareness for your product and a (short) 1-1 conversation with your potential consumer. Better than nothing some will argue.

Talent pools are drying up

University campus has become the hunting ground for recruiters. You have a 360° recruitment approach. Social media is omnipresent in your recruitment campaign. You are also present at job fairs and work hard on your Employer Branding-stories, … Almost every possibility to attract new candidate is being used but you still notice that your talent pools are drying up! And then “non actively” seeking talent pools are difficult to reach. Indicated as being ‘non actively seeking’, it is obvious that it is hard to find this talent.

What’s next?

Maybe Guerrilla Marketing can be the answer but be aware before you start dreaming. Reality and dreams aren’t the same…

So do you see yourself approaching people in shopping streets? Will you be picketing at business parks with large card boards with your job offers on it? Or will you infiltrate another company as a temp worker and kidnap high potentials…

The talent may well be where you don't see it. The Adaptability Quotient (QA), of those candidates who are actively looking for a job, may offer many, often hidden, possibilities. And what’s more: never forget that the attitude and the will to succeed is often more important than the talent itself.

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